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28 November 2002 @ 08:04 am
Thanksgiving Day Arriveth  
It is 8:00 a.m., and I have already started today's load of cooking.

Thanksgiving always feels like Christmas to me. I cook and cook, and if I am smart I clean. I end with a pile of dishes and people's faces breaking out in smiles as they chat and nibble and gorge (and then fall asleep in food coma heaven).

We're 8-9 people for dinner. I will get to see 7 or 8 people smile as they bite into something tasty that they weren't expecting to enjoy. I will get three people who will exclaim over old favorites that they either weren't expecting or are just pleased to see on the table.

I have a centerpiece, courtesy of thastygliax, that will amuse the masses.

People will come downstairs as spillover space and be amazed. It is clean. There are but a few boxes in the corners and stuffies on the shelves proclaiming that this is normally an unruly mess.

I will have leftovers, enough to freeze and have for lunch during the following week or so.

And what is best is that I did enough last night that I can spend most of today cooking and cleaning without feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!!
Feeling like: blissful
Listening to: people moving upstairs...no music yet, people asleep