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02 December 2002 @ 03:45 pm
And onto the Two Towers  
I have done it.


I have finished reading The Fellowship of the Ring. I have even started forward into the murky depths of LotR Two Towers.

I managed yesterday to articulate why I don't like hobbits to C-kun. I find that while they are getting better at the point I am at within the story that I still want to slap them all over the place. J.R.R. Tolkein made use of the mechanic deus ex machina at least twice near the beginning of Fellowship. The first time (IIRC, because I read this part over a year ago) was with the barrow-wights. The second time, and the much more annoying time, is with Tom Bombadil.

It was suggested to me that Tom Bombadil had reasons to save the hobbits, but that they were in a different work (a short story, perhaps). However, use of an outside work does not change how I feel about Mr. Bombadil. To me it felt like a bad spot of saving the hobbits from their own stupidity.

There. That is my rant for the day.

And now it is time for bed (nap or reading or something).
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The Darkermindways on December 2nd, 2002 02:18 pm (UTC)
It was suggested to me that Tom Bombadil had reasons to save the hobbits...

There might be, but I'm not familiar with them (haven't read much beyond _The Hobbit_ and the LOTR trilogy - tried the Silmarillion and failed.)

That being said - why does he need a reason? Old Man Willow and the Barrow-Wights are malevolent forces in that area. Tom is a bright (or at least cheerful) force. The nasties don't need any particular motivation to be nasty, and Tom doesn't need any particular motivation to be nice.

*That* being said, it *is* pure chance that Tom was nearby to save the Hobbits from the Willow. He says as much himself. (Anne + I just got past this part a few days ago, so I remember that bit pretty well.)

Regardless, you're welcome to hate the hobbits or not as you wish. :)