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11 December 2002 @ 04:07 pm
The Cross-Stitching Fool  
Rotation. Tires, belly buttons, you name it, I rotate it (or presumably would in the case of tires).

Rotation is how I get my new project goodness in and manage to get the old projects finished. Two years ago, when I was working at Cambridge Systematics, I used rotation to finish a piece for my dad and another for my mom over the course of the two months closest to Christmas (but gave my mom her piece for her birthday, knowing i couldn't actually finish it and frame it for Christmas), while working on at least one other large piece.

I always have too many pieces going (at least according to meranthi.

So, today I printed off enough rotation sheets for December 2002 through December 2003. I promise that I will finish at least three large projects and two small projects next year and start one new project a month (the happy task of which I get to work on tonight, deciding which projects I am going to work on).

So, let me make 2003 the Year of the Crossed Stitch!

Uh, yeah.
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TPautpau on December 11th, 2002 02:15 pm (UTC)
do you make a list of when you are workignon what or what? i cna never get my cross-stich projects finished :(
Qarylla Windragarqarylla on December 13th, 2002 07:08 am (UTC)
If you go to Cross-Stitch Rotation, you will find an excel document for managing your rotation.

What I do is I write down what projects I am working on and then mark off for each "hour" I work on them. This is obviously not wholly accurate, because if I am cross-stitching with a movie in the background, then I generally get 1 hour of stitching for every 90 minutes of movie, but it still works fairly well.

Since Wednesday when I printed my latest set of rotation documents up, I have worked 3 hours on one project and 5 hours on another. I am likely to get another two hours on one project today and 3 hours on a third project. It helps remind me that I haven't worked on X or Y projects yet this week (I set up my rotations month by month), and when I am on the ball I then manage to work on all of my projects at the same time.

I have two projects that I might finish by the end of the month/middle of January using this method.