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23 December 2002 @ 07:04 am
Two more days  
Life is good here. I am going to buy my bus ticket home this afternoon. Then I will come home, find and finish my letter to my mom, and finish prepping for game tonight.

I made minestrone soup sans pasta. Two small containers with chicken (critter soup version) in it and one really large tupperware with just veggies. I get to carry this and C-kun's cupcakes over to the game. Luckily, I won't be carrying anything but food because C-kun is bringing my character sheet (already in his bag).

So, this afternoon I will check my email, cook a lot of wheel shaped pasta, and finish my letter to my mom and post it.

My mom is only getting a letter from me now because my ransom note to her resulted in me getting two letters (I had sent her a care package in October and had been waiting for a letter back).

Yeah, life is good. (and meranthi rocks for replacing my nasty damaged copy of LotR, so I can finish reading the things that happen in a totally different way in the book than in movie etc.).
Feeling like: gigglygiggly
Listening to: massagie happiness