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23 December 2002 @ 04:28 pm
And life is good  
I am leaving December 31st for four fun filled days in the wilds of Maine.

Umm, yeah, fun filled. I have my bus ticket, and I have the stuff prepped for game (except the pasta, which I still need to cook). I even managed to make R-chan's Christmas present, peppered peanut brittle.

It was a first time with the recipe. I don't normally guineau pig so much, but this time it is for a guineau pig sort of guy. It called for red pepper (which it was unclear from the recipe if they meant cayenne or red pepper), so I put in habanero. Heck, R-kun is as bad as I am, so an eighth of a teaspoon won't kill him.

And I am mostly packed for lots of fun tonight. Gaming. Becoming less unconscious. And then calling stores tomorrow to see if some of the present items are done or not.

Yes, indeed. Life is good.
Feeling like: pleasedpleased
Listening to: soba kasu no (internal)