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23 December 2002 @ 05:04 pm
Ignoring Work (or what I did today)  
I feel nice and productive. I did a tiny bit of dishes (because I needed a clean pot for the peanut brittle and then later the same pot for pasta).

I now have minestrone soup both with and without chicken (and it is a really large batch of soup, so I will be doing more dishes tonight just to be able to put it all in the fridge and what not).

I made peanut brittle (as per that other post).

I sent out three queries. Two for online publications and a third for an offsite copy editor. Between this and the one I sent out on Friday of last week, I am finally getting to the point of enough queries out in a week.

I have a checklist of articles/stories I have been working on that I need to finish over the next two weeks.

Yeah, productive.
Feeling like: productiveproductive
Listening to: Tim and chatter