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26 December 2002 @ 11:11 am
When is it over  
Christmas this year is extending far beyond what is normal for me. I will be going home in only six days, hopefully with my family's presents in a box. I have something for my mom (in case the stuff to be finished isn't done) and I will soon have something for my dad (more cooking this weekend). After that, I only need to work on something for my brother and maybe something for my grandmother.

I then get to spend a lot of time working on cross-stitch for my rotation. I need another 10 hours or so to finish the Hardanger on the sampler, so I might try and get that done this weekend (when everyone is out).

I have two (well, three actually) gift certificates to spend, but they will wait until January. I wonder what being home will be like this year.
Feeling like: curiouscurious
Listening to: Power drills