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06 January 2003 @ 01:34 pm
Oh joy and rapture  
I wrote a long application/query before Christmas for Shape magazine (it is for 12 600-word articles over the course of a year). Specifically, it is for their weight loss diary.

They wanted to know why I thought I could succeed now. And I simply stated, I think I can succeed now because I will be doing this regardless of whether or not I am chosen. That I have my goals, and I have a plan (of sorts) and I have motivation and will.

And so, I am starting my weight loss plan version 3.15 (hmm, bug fixes) with a goal of losing 34 pounds over the course of 2003. That would put me at 160 lbs, where I was in college, back to a size 12 (granted, I still wear size 14s a lot now, so size means mostly nothing), and hopefully healthier as a whole.


And I am going to walk home in the snow today. Beauty in motion.
Feeling like: overjoyed
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