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06 January 2003 @ 10:06 pm
And just before bed...  
I wrote this lj entry.

So, I did walk home from Federal Street, Boston to Somerville. It took 1 hour and 5 minutes to walk along the snowy route (bus 92, specifically). The route is approximately (as far as I can tell from MapQuest) about 3.36 miles. Not too bad for snow-covered streets and one annoying traffic problem.

I then checked my email, which told me that ye olde GM creature was home sick and that we could have our mini session early, and so I went and got a bus pass (much sighs for my stupidity aside) and met up for mini gaming.

Chloe talked to her coach (she went home to France). He will not change what he did to her, admits to it, and apparently gave her the pendant. He is not aware that she knows a lot more than she is letting on. So, life is sort of good.

However, her coach is still working with her boyfriend and it looks like he is doing something to Xavier that is less than healthy. So, Chloe left France feeling disconnected from her boyfriend by both the distance to the States, the distance of time (4 months or so apart), and the distance of events (well, Chloe has been beaten by a ravenger and mauled by a werewolf among other things). So, Chloe gets to start off the next session mildly depressed.

And then I went back to Davis to catch bus 90, which just left as I was getting to the stop, so I continued to Powderhouse and caught the 89. And then I came home and had a single piece of chocolate and some potato things and checked email and did stuff and now I am going to stretch a bit and then probably go to bed.

Feeling like: sleepysleepy
Listening to: clementines, darn you solipsisnation!