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10 January 2003 @ 10:07 am
Doing something new (plans and other fun things)  
Ah, a new year, and I am back from vacation.

Now granted, I have been back for a while now, but before I left for vacation I learned to do something new at work (specifically, process mail). Today is the first day I get to use this "skill," and see if I can check in, route, and otherwise process mail correctly in under two hours.

Despite the high volume of work I had at the beginning of the week, I have gotten to the point that I have definitely caught up. I have two largish piles of filings, most of which are relatively simple (read 15 minutes to 20 minutes a piece).

This weekend: Gaming, cross-stitch, video games, sleep, and other fun things.

I need to pick up the fabric for Ophelia, which I will do Saturday, and then I will see what else I need at the same time (no patterns, no patterns). This is the month where I start my monster rotation for the year. 12 new patterns, 4 - 6 complete at end of year (we'll see how many by June and possibly have a party if I have already completed 4).

Well, back to work, as I really want to get that stuff done.