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14 January 2003 @ 04:04 pm
Yesterday's Rant Today  
Incompetence. You can find it in any job, any field, and at any educational/salary level. You'd think I would be used to it.

My experience with incompetence is such: I am a temp, and I show up at an assignment. At the location, my "manager" is looking for a warm body and doesn't expect anything more than that (expects temps to be incompetent). Within 15 minutes I have proven that I am intelligent and capable of getting the job done quickly and done well.

Therefore I am not used to being considered incompetent or otherwise unable to ask the right questions or make the right decisions.

Enter yesterday.

My boss, in her infinite wisdom, has asked meranthi to watch me do the mail on Fridays. This involves checking in materials, processing the various routing lists (making copies or sending items through the digisender or stapling routing lists to the tops of various copies), and sorting the library mail. This is not rocket science. It isn't even difficult.

However, because my boss has made clear through this (to me) that I am not competent, not capable of this relatively simple task, I feel like I suck. This has actually made the past two days rather unfortunate (where my boss has asked meranthi to remind me of obvious things) for my mental health.

Why do people make such stupid assumptions?

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Rhysrhysara on January 14th, 2003 04:38 pm (UTC)
While I was a freshmen in college I worked in the admissions office doing what I affectionately termed "remedial slave labor" filing, sorting, shreading (lots and lots of shreading). There were about 8 students who worked in the office and everyone there treated us like we were complete idiots. Which I found extremely disturbing seeing as these were the same people who were making the decisions as to who would be accepted to our school in the first place.l