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15 January 2003 @ 02:54 pm
A glorious afternoon  
I have decided that being underemployed sucks. It is nice to get out of work at 1:00 and go home and do writing (and other odds and ends), but I haven't had a bite on the writing front in over two months (getting close to three).

So, I am biting the bullet and applying for another part-time job.

Why a part-time job?

1) I would still like time to write, and during the day is best for me.
2) I have a part-time job that I actually enjoy, and I do not want to quit only three months in.
3) I want to work in a library, but I am not qualified for most of the full-time library jobs.

I talked to my boss today about applying for a part-time job (because we have to ask permission as part of our employee handbook), and she said that would be fine.

So, now I get to update my resume (the one that I used for Bingham) and modify the cover letter I also used for Bingham, to apply to a part-time job doing circulation work at Harvard University.

Heck, if I get the job, then with one of these jobs I will be able to afford health insurance.

Wish me luck.
Feeling like: glad to be home
Listening to: some amv music