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15 January 2003 @ 05:27 pm
Tony's Food Land  
Down the road from where I live is a place called, yes, Tony's Food Land (or according to the business cards: Tonny's Food Land).

This is a place that scares individuals used to the Star Markets and Food Master's of the world. It smells a little, but it is hard to tell what it smells like, and it stocks almost exclusively Spanish and Brazillian products. Finding what you need is sometimes alarming, because only half of the products have English on them. You find things by the way they look (duh, it's corn meal) or by the pictures on the product (coconut milk containers). So, why go in there?

The prices are cheap. I purchased both fine and coarse corn meal for 89 cents a piece (I think it was 10 or 12 ounces of meal), a can of pineapple for the same, some strange "frugurt" snack, and a quesadilla (about 1" think wheat bread with a layer of cheese in there).

Spices, mostly the ones I use, are on sale for 1-2$, which is likewise terrific. And strangely enough (because I was a little nervous the first time I went in there), the people are friendly even if you look like you just fell off the wagon.


And so I have my first batch of bagels, Corn Rosemary, rising in the oven (warm and out of drafts). With a bit of luck, I will have breakfast made for the rest of the week. Now just to make sure I have lunch for tomorrow too.
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