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17 January 2003 @ 05:43 pm
Update: A cleaner desk  
Well, my desk is now cleaned and organized. There are two cubbies (sort of like drawers, only with about half of the usefulness), which I am not going to clean or anything. They will remain repositories of paper and stationeries (hmm, more cards to mail to my mom).

I won't be doing any work on my other area (hmm, but I might want to do some more cross-stitch) this weekend, but that is because it is mostly clean. There are some books that could be moved, but that means I need to find a space for them.

Ah, happiness. My area isn't quite so bad when it has had a bit of organizing.
Feeling like: jubilantjubilant
Listening to: Sanosuke's song (title long forgotten)