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23 January 2003 @ 11:07 pm
To rest  
I have had an eventful couple of days, and I am looking forward to the weekend.

I hung out with meranthi earlier this week and watched Cool Runnings. Very silly and cute. Definitely a flik not a film.

Yesterday I had gaming, where my character managed to do intelligent things that the other people didn't readily think of (such as go to the stables and get a horse when the enemy was running away). I had fun. The game still has problems (one of which is the level 9 to level 6 range in character levels), but it looks like the GM is actually going to put more work into it again.

Tonight was the stitching group in Arlington. We had fun, projects were worked on, needles were bought (in my case), and one of the projects I am working on has almost an entire arm. I felt good about my progress, and I might even get to finish this project in the next six months. Granted, don't ask me about it in six months. *blink*

One of the things I did this past month or two was a set of placemats for my mom (they had actually been done for over a year, but I needed to finish them). I gave them to Lucy, the owner of Cross-Stitch Unlimited, and she had her finisher work on them. Now, I admit I was annoyed that they weren't done by the date they had quoted (and that they hadn't started them by the date they told me), but the work is beautiful and well worth the wait. I am well pleased.

However, finishing projects always reminds me of the "hidden" cost of cross-stitch. Once all of the stitching is done there is the framing (or the cost to make it into a pillow or other object). These costs easily add up. The cheapest I have ever had finishing cost is $38 and the most expensive was over $100. I love my hobby, but it certainly isn't cheap on anything other than a per hour cost of materials.

In other news, busy weeks like this make me feel very disconnected. I haven't checked email in two days, and I am not likely to do that now. Hopefully I will have time to check my email in the morning. I haven't done more than glance at entries on my friend's page. It makes me feel like I have stepped behind a smoky glass wall, and I am only getting half of what I normally do. I will have to give everyone a bit more attention in the days to come (when I am no longer running around like ye olde chicken sans head).

But now to rest and dream and wake up early in the morning to either stitch projects A through E or to read email. Probably email.
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thastygliax on January 24th, 2003 01:33 pm (UTC)
Yeah, feeling some of the same way this week...not enough breaks during the day to catch up on email & LJ, and too tired to want to when I get home. I'll be around tonight (Friday) if you want company, though I won't guarantee being *great* company.