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31 January 2003 @ 10:45 am
W00t! It's Friday.  
Now last week I left work and bitched on LJ about work and mail and just crap in general. And in a way, I really needed to do that, because work had been really bad.

I spent all this week dreading Friday.

And now I wonder why.

I have 3 things left to file and the mail hasn't come in yet. I have filed two major items (nasty things but I like doing them... sick me) and I have done the newspapers and the dailies. At this point in time I have 3 hours and 15 minutes in which to get the mail, do it, and do a few of either the lawyer's filings or filings that came in with the mail.

Like I said, makes me wonder why I spent all week dreading today.

[But on the other hand my brain has decided that it wants to dread my brother coming to visit... I am not sure if he is likely to be well behaved or not, but the last time he did anything relating to my friends (ages and ages ago) he asked DH-kun if he was 'bopping' me. Any wonder that I am a bit nervous. Only about 28 hours to go before family arrives.]
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thastygliax on January 31st, 2003 08:34 am (UTC)
Re: brother: I was wondering myself how he'll react to C., given the incident you mentioned...

To paraphrase the comment I just made to your last post about this impending visit: If you need a hiding-space/hug/shoulder/whatever this weekend, let me know. I'm hoping you won't need it (you did say he was actually tolerable at New Year's, right?), but the offer's open.