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03 February 2003 @ 09:40 am
I just want to cry.  
And I have.

It's Monday, and is mostly OK. I might be running a fever, but there really isn't any way to tell given my body's normal temperature. So, I took vitamin C and ibruprofen (3rd day running where I woke up with a headache).

I didn't get out of the house to go to work until 0744, which was fine. I got to the bus and I got off the bus around 8:32, definitely still early for work.

I got into the building. I put down my backpack and hung up my jacket. I then checked my jacket pockets for my wallet. No wallet. I checked my backpack. No wallet. I checked my jacket again. Still no wallet.

The end result has been no wallet. I had my wallet this morning. It is where I keep my bus passes after all. But there is no wallet, and I have called the MBTA and they said to call back later (because there was no response from the driver of the bus at that time).

So, no wallet. And a low grade frustration and upset.

Go Monday!

I shouldn't have gotten out of bed.
Feeling like: upset
Listening to: (i'm at work, so nothing unless the xerox is musical)