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10 February 2003 @ 09:54 am
When you have a weekend...  
Yesterday was full of novelty. I hung out with R-chan and G-chan. They visited a "colonial" inn in Yarmouth, which they are considering as a site for their wedding in Jan. 2004. So, I am there with C-kun and the happy couple in this surreal play of viewing the site and discussing wedding cakes and other things.

This was much more surreal than meranthi and thastygliax's wedding, because I am actually with someone. Bizarre.

Other than that, the weekend was wonderfully uneventful. I made Butternut Squash soup on Friday, had gaming on Saturday, surreal moments on Sunday and discussed more cooking than G-sama (ok, I could have put kun or chan there). I have an idea for a French Onion Soup recipe I might trust and a few other dishes that I wish I had been writing down at the time.

And now it is Monday. I am at work and puttering around. Nothing too insane going on here. Boss is on vaca and I am catching up on the work that piled up when I was working on special projects and out sick last week.

All in all, a much better week than last week and it isn't even 10 a.m. yet.
Feeling like: chipperchipper
Listening to: silence... and paper cutters