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10 February 2003 @ 05:51 pm
It's almost 1800 hours here, and I find that I have managed to spend most of my afternoon doing nothing. It's not intentional, but I start something like my laundry and I would get side tracked into something else.

This wouldn't normally be a problem, but I am in the midst of organizing. This is something I do every six months or so (my last round of this was in October). This time around I am donating a lot of clothing to good will (or Salvation Army), going through my costume boxes, finding better storage for my fabric (a major task on its own), and generally condensing the amount of space I require in order to live.

This is both easier and harder than it sounds. It is easy to weed out clothing. Anything that was black was looked at, and nearly all of the non-black t-shirts were put in a pile for donation. Anything sized small (umm, yeah, I am so small, really) was likewise given a cursory inspection.

However, this says nothing of my major addictions. Music (though I don't listen to as much as I would like), craft supplies, cross-stitch, and lastly stationery. These items take up an inordinate amount of space in my apartment, making it difficult to arrange seating or otherwise be comfortable in my own space. And while I have basement storage, none of these items really feel appropriate for the basement.

Most of my organization can't really be done until later this week. I want to dump a few boxes of things I have moved for the past two or three years (most of which I have never opened), but garbage day is Friday. So, I am putting off bits and pieces of clean up.

Why do I get like this? I care how my public spaces look to other people. By cleaning my private locations (specifically my bedroom), I can remove my messes from public space and organize them in my private space.

Will I be done by Friday evening? Ideally, I will be done Thursday by midnight. I don't really think I will be completely done, but hopefully I will have the bulk of my organization (and this includes moving furniture) done by then.

Heh. If not, then it has to be done by the following weekend. I don't want to do this after Intercon.
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