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11 February 2003 @ 09:47 am
Over the past week I find myself sort of mentally strolling down memory lane. Not good, nor bad. It's just there. Games past, friends remembered, things done. It fills my days while I am filing and it fills my head at night with unfortunate dreams. Not bad, but recollections of dreams that I want over and done with.

Example. When I was in high school, right before I attended Wellesley, I worked at Burger King. I already was a vegetarian at that point, so I put the special "meatboard" into the grill and dealt with the fryer and did drive thru and front cash. I spent an entire month where I had pseudo waking dreams of explaining the different sandwich components to tourists from Quebec.

I am having similar dreams now. Dreams where I am in the law library, filing materials which for some reason include character sheets for the different lawyers, who happen to be characters I am playing or have played. It's not bad. Just unfortunately surreal.

In other news: I have received some of the replacement cards that went the way of the dodo when I lost my wallet last week. So, I am now able to access purchasing power without needing to desperately go to the bank and beg.
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