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20 February 2003 @ 11:01 am
Pathetic (more demons)  
OK. Game was last night.

Game summary: We started with combat (a homebrew hill giant with two heads), which summarily killed the palladin (down round one, healed end of round, killed outright round 2). My character went down and then was forced healing until mostly healthy again. Wizard went down in blaze of nastiness.

But the hill giant was killed, and we recovered the stolen dragon eggs. Then someone had the bright idea that we ought to ask the dragons (as part or most of our reward) to help our fallen companions.

Mostly OK. But my character didn't really get to do anything last session. I cast one healing spell in combat, and about five healing spells after combat, and I made 3 heal checks.

I think I would have been fine but everybody else got to do things (including the people who died and were "dragon rezzed??" without loss of levels).

Every once in a while I think having a GM who doesn't follow any of the rules is a big PITA.

So, I spent last night quiet and miserable and feeling kind of sad, and so I will go home and kill things for a little bit. That's all.
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