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25 February 2003 @ 10:07 am
Special projects  
life is good.

My life is being full at me right now. I have moving stuff to do (C-kun gets to move in - we have permission from the landpeoples). I have stitching projects (having goals is good). I have costuming stuff (red choker and other things to make before Saturday morning). I have cleaning to do (what do you mean my kitchen floor is supposed to be white). I even have cooking to do (bean soup and corn chowder and maybe even apple breakfast pockets and what not).

It's great having my life be full and busy. It means I don't feel like I am at loose ends all the time. I have a to do list that calls out my name when I am at work and another to do list that calls out my name the rest of the time. I feel energized (most of the time) and really happy.

Now just to make it last.

(and yeah for a 3-day week, a 4-day week, and another 4-day week in a row)
Feeling like: energeticenergetic
Listening to: the ria is calling to me
wind from the seakaifu on February 25th, 2003 07:45 am (UTC)
Yay permission from the landpeople!

Glad that is working out for you.
autumneautumnesquirrel on February 25th, 2003 08:03 am (UTC)
Yey stress of housing fu being gone. Yey cooking. Yey I need to do put dishes away so I can wash more of them so we can make more of them by cooking. Or, well, not exactly yey on the dishes, but the cooking part is good.