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06 March 2003 @ 04:30 pm
On unpacking  
I had actually managed to get used to having a clean apartment as a normal occurrence. Not to say that I actually care most of the time if it is messy, but having and keeping it clean was a treat.

But those days are of the past. I have books and boxes and random cruft scattered around the living room(s). My bedroom is similarly trashed until I find a home for the piles of stuff that no longer have homes.

Fitting in a third person into the apartment is definitely the moving process in microcosm. I find that I have boxes that call out, "Unpack me!" And I endeavor not to heed their call mindlessly.

I just moved my desk out. It is about to go downstairs in the snow with my old stereo (I have two stereos, so this is just tossing the old one in favor of the newer/better machine).

The space isn't tight in here. It is just that with a small apartment there is a maximum amount of furniture you can have (stuff is easier than furniture by far).

Let's see if I can clear up some more space before dinner time, eh?
Feeling like: thoughtfulthoughtful
Listening to: The Lion King (music lightly coming from next room)