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12 March 2003 @ 09:29 am
Rose Petal Black  
Or How to acquire more tea than G-d on a limited budget.

So, I used to work in Harvard Square, near Tealuxe and Cardullos. Now they are not necessarily local from work, but they are local from home.

Around Valentine's day, when I was looking to see if Cardullos had creme fraiche (which they do), I noticed that they had a large display of rose teas (rose petals or infusion or both with black tea, normally orange pekoe). I knew I wanted one, but at the time I was more than a little strapped for cash.

But I dreamt of those teas, and of the house smelling like flowers (or in this case the office). I find right now that as much as I love the snow and the grey that I need flowers, but I am not getting them, so flowery tea (and gum) does the trick.

The tea is has a medium body and is richly scented (though it is more tea scent than rose) and is good both with milk and straight. It is sweet enough naturally that it doesn't need sugar, and is light on the tannins.

Feeling like: frazzled (defrazzled)
Listening to: papers moving, life passing me by