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18 April 2003 @ 09:53 am
And then stuff happens...  
So, it has been a bit over a week since I last updated...

OK. I was kind of wary of my mom having email. She is after all one of the fruitcakes from which I spawned. Having email could be either really good or really bad. Well, so far it has turned out to be really good. Now, I'll admit that I would still prefer paper letters from my mom, but that's because it is a tradition. But she is someone I can rant at. And rant is definitely the word. I have ranted about the lack of time in my life to work on the freelancing mostly. She has been calling it the housewife syndrome (you come home from whatever work you have and you cook, clean, laundry, etc.). And in a lot of ways she has been right. I do a few dishes every day (at least the ones I need for dinner and some bowls/plates), I cook, and I try to do the laundry.

So, I took this week off from most of the cleaning things I do (and I think the most frustrating thing is my efforts don't even dent the mess).

Now it is time for Anime Boston, and I will be going to the yaoi panel and probably stitching in a vid room most of the time. I am not terribly enthusiastic, mostly because there has been a lack of communication about the con. I am still debating on the Anime Idol contest (have to reread the information), but it's not like I have a rat's chance in hell.


And I have to get back to work.
Feeling like: apatheticapathetic