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10 June 2003 @ 01:13 pm
I had a visit with my mom this weekend.

So, I had game this Saturday. Normal enough occurence. A trifle frustrating, because we were trying to write out one character and in the procexs ended up writing out two. Ooops. But my mom works Saturday until 12:30 at a credit union in Southern Maine. By 15:00 I was wondering where she was. I excused myself from game and called home. I found out that my mom thought she was coming Sunday - *blink* for an event starting at 10:00 a.m.! - and I asked my dad to give her a friends number and to call me back.

I called back at 17:30-ish, and still no mom. She was at some bookstore or card shop and doing grocery shopping. Eventually I got hold of her and she came down that night. I took her to Pizzeria Unos for dinner (the Porter one is open till 00:30). Very nice. I had a tasty frozen mango margarita. Then I came home and read books until too late

Sunday was the stitch-in. Lucy at Cross-Stitch Unlimited held her first event at the Hawthorne Suites. Nice rooms, though there could have been a bit better lighting. Lucy's cousin did the catering and there were a few minor gifts/prizes. It was a nice time with a sale that was just flirting with too long. When I got home, mom went back to reading and I waited for jiggliusceasar to get home. Food was had and lots of Uno.

I took yesterday off to spend a bit more time with my mom. So, I took her to coffee and she bought me some books (first one at buck-a-book and then several at McIntyre and Moores...). The entire area is dangerous. I got a cheap copy of Jane Eyre, and something like 6 books relating to Japan/Japanese. Basic Structures (a lot like Japanese: the Spoken Language) is nice, with the dialogs from the very beginning written in hiragana and katakana (and later kanji). I also picked up two sociology texts and one on English loan words. But the piece de resistance were the two books on technical Japanese. So, I am now a proud owner of Kanji for basic technical Japanese and a companion book for Biotechnology. They also had polymer science and solid state physics available. My mom left at 14:00, and I read stuff and I downloaded music stuff for my computer. Yeah!

So, weekend is over. I am hungry. and sleepy. And I am happy that I have only a few more days to the weekend.
Feeling like: fried
Listening to: sadness, there is nothing.