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13 June 2003 @ 05:54 am
Tanjyoubi omedetou  
Yesterday was my birthday. It started off slow as done any day that I go to work (and I used to take my birthday off from work each year).

Jigglius picked me up after work and we went out to lunch, and then I dragged him to Herrell's in Harvard Square for dessert. (more lunch observations will be in a second post)

I didn't really know what I wanted to do yesterday. I wanted to read, I wanted to browse, but I knew that buying anything was verboten. So, despite Jigglius' entreaties to get something if I wanted it, I was a good girl and managed to go through Pandemonium, Tokyo Kid, and Curious George goes to Wordsworth without buying anything. And well, in one of those places I was only looking for something for Jigglius anyway. (And I think he felt weird that his girlfriend might want to buy him something on her birthday, oh well).

And that was all good. I had a nice lunch with amusing anecdotes, my standard Herrell's treat, a little window shopping, and then I headed over to Stitch Night. Cross-Stitch Unlimited has them two or three times a month (and the next one is next Thursday), and I try not to miss them. It is where I get a startling amount of work done on my cross-stitch pieces. Heck, with the work I got done there last night, I am pretty sure that I can finish a piece this month without too many difficulties (and only ditching one project).

Autumnesquirrel showed up part way through stitch night to work on her masterpiece, a piece which impressed a lot of people once everyone was walking around for the 'show and tell' portion of the evening. And we were given a ride to the bus stop (where per normal I had 'lost' my bus pass, which turned out to be an extra bookmark in a book I was reading on the way to Arlington.).

When I got home, I was so happy with my progress that I got my kisses and hugs from Jigglius and then proceeded to go back to stitching. Huzzah. And before I knew it, there were a group of four people in front of me (autumnesquirrel, meranthi, thastygliax, jiggliusceasar). They piled presents on my lap, and told me to 'open this one last.'


So, I proceeded with a Godiva box. Underwear? I know it is pretty. And hey, it is in my size. With money? Who was putting money in my underwear? *blush*

Four pairs of underwear, a booklet of Cthuloid limericks (eep!), two cute/interesting cards, and a book which I had just been drooling over in the bookstore later, I got to the small box. The box I was supposed to open last.

I had joked that it was a thong, but I didn't really expect that there was a thong in there. *blink* I spent about 10 minutes or so identifying the top and the front of the little blue cloth. And well, there was money in my thong. Very strange.

And I am sure that thastygliax now has pictures of autumnesquirrel and myself with underwear on our heads.

At this point it was nearly 10:30 or so, and I was hungry and making macaroni and cheese in the kitchen when I heard a bit of grumbling and whoosh, meranthi came in dropping something off that Mr. Inferno apparently was a doofus about. And now there is AC-ness in my apartment! (Yeah, and thanks guys for such a wonderful birthday!) The apartment might almost be a wonderful place for people to visit if I get off my duff and clean!

So, all in all, a wonderful day!
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