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13 June 2003 @ 06:15 am
The lunch ladies  
So, as promised, I am going into the wonderful world of lunch description.

I met Jigglius in the lobby where I work, and we proceeded to walk up to the Common and to Charles Street where in a feat of logic we went the wrong way and then fixed ourselves.

We got most of the way there when he pointed it out. BHHB (which I mistakenly called BIB). He had intended to take me someplace fancy that I would never go to on my own, and in that he succeeded fantastically. I drooled over the dessert cart while we were waiting to be seated.

We were seated at a table next to two old ladies, querelous and gnarled. Jigglius and I perused the menu, and noticed the wine list. Their wine list was large and very complete to my eyes, and completely foreign, so I bowed out of the alcohol department and had water with my meal.

The server came by and we both had soup. I had a nice carrot soup, which was very strong and a little too hot I realized later when I was trying to have my milkshake. And we ordered a main course. His was Salmon and mine was a roasted vegetable sandwich with chevre.

My sandwich was good despite the scariness of eggplant.

The sandwich came with french fries (or freedom or whatever F word is in vogue this week). Fancy places shouldn't do french fries. These were thin shoestring french fries, a little on the over salted side, and I am pretty sure they were lukewarm when I got the food, and were pretty cold by the time I got around to eating them.

But back to the ladies.

They were nearly done eating when I got there. They were having coffee and had their food wrapped to leave. Querelous old woman A was quite vociferous and she kept up a dialog with B without much input. "These aren't professional waiters. I went to this place where they were all professionals, and the waitresses knew how to saunter."

"I asked for a sack, didn't I? I did. I just wish they would bring me my sack." (A asked at least twice for a bag to carry her leftovers in)

"It's rude to make us eat on paper tablecloths. It's not like their tablecloths are that fancy. I let my guests eat on the tablecloth."

And even more...

"I don't like censorship. And it doesn't need to be spoken. A disapproving look."

Her jaws kept on flapping. She was a little old lady (tm), but without any of the good qualities.

The waiter came by and she gave him three dollars for tip, and said, "You are a nice boy."

Well, she got her sack about 10 minutes before we paid and left. A little signing went on (lesbians? I don't really know).

A asked B, "Do you have my jacket? I want my jacket." to which B replied, "I already gave you your jacket."

Once they were gone, I looked at Jigglius with a lot of amusement (mostly how I believe I had been looking during lunch). The little old women reminded me of goblins from the Summerlands. Wisened and talkative with a hunched posture. I am pretty sure that isn't the image enoch has been trying to give us, but that is what I had all along.

So, we left. Despite the time difference they were only a block up the road from us, so we turned to go back to the Common.

About the time we got to the Common, I had degenerated into calling them goblin trolls. I turned to Jigglius, "and A, I think she is the human form of the Black Anis." Jigglius went pale and whimpered a little bit.

And so, we walked up towards Park. I stopped to look at an interesting tree with yellow and green splotched leaves when Jigglius kissed me, and some guy with a wild beard and a Jesus sweatshirt called out, "Don't you be having sex in front of me!"

I replied, "So, we'll move." And we proceeded to walk away.

Mr. Jesus Man: "Nah, I don't mind watching."

And so it goes. (I did have a better name for Mr. Jesus Man, but it is gone now - and it wasn't Bible Bob, not enough brimstone).

And that was lunch.
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the name of dog: goreyenochs_fable on June 13th, 2003 08:40 am (UTC)
What does signing have to do with lesbians?

Have you been visualizing all the goblins like that? Definitely sounds like a good description for the Queen Mother, but maybe not the rest of them!

Black Annis is fun.
Qarylla Windragarqarylla on June 13th, 2003 09:03 am (UTC)
Signing an L to your face (don't remember which side off the top of my head) is the ASL sign for lesbian. I learned it for a game, and proceeded to teach most of my friends to recognize it. Go figure.

So, he signed it, and thus I knew what he was thinking without them being any the wiser.
the name of dogenochs_fable on June 13th, 2003 09:42 am (UTC)
Ah. I suspect I'd have to be there for proper evaluation. Cute.

so, goblins?