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18 June 2003 @ 10:34 am
a day late a dollar short  
I have another couple sets of meme questions right now (being slow about it).

I have a few questions for folks, especially those who have worked as interns. What is the purpose of the intern position? How much work were you expected to do in your internships (I expect that it varies)? I ask this because we have an intern in the library this summer.

The intern: She's a nice girl either in her first or second year of college afaik. She is 3 days in our department and 2 in IT. I have been told by my boss to keep her busy (and given what my job is that means filing). My boss has taken filing from me and given them to her, telling her that if she can't finish them to give them back.

Yesterday, 3 files were taken and I had them all back this morning. I can only assume she was working on other things, but my boss gave them to her. Heck, my boss wants me to give her filings. It is easier than finding special projects for her.

Is this work ethic normal? Or am I a prude/stick in the mud/what have you? *sigh*

And here are the ?s from enochs_fable:

1. What is your favorite recipe?

Golly. That's mean. Just one? I would have to pick the chocolate mousse recipe from the Death by Chocolate cookbook. Specifically the chocolate cherry mousse that is supposed to go between the layers of the Chocolate Wedlock cake. I have made it with cherries and with raspberries and it has come out wonderfully. I can divide the recipe in half (not the easiest thing with this recipe), but otherwise it serves more than 10 (something like 40 oz of chocolate died to make that mousse). Mmm good.

Granted, I made a vegetarian pumpkin Indian curry dish that was pretty good too a few weeks ago... So, mousse for now.

2. What is one thing that people do that which really ticks you off?

Loaded question. The thing I find people do which really ticks you off is not giving people the benefit of the doubt. And I don't mean simply, oh they weren't in the office, they were probably sick. I mean, blithely assuming people, as individuals, are stupid, and treating them as such. The number of times I have been treated in any number of jobs as less than competent is infuriatingly high. I try to give people that same chance, of being competent and proving it without being made to feel stupid first.

3. What do you believe in?

Hard work and initiative is worth more than luck. That if I am focused (which is a big problem right now) that I will eventually be where I want to be. That success is not simply a number in a checkbook but a complete sense of well being on a day to day basis.

I believe that the lowliest caterpillar can become a beautiful butterfly (or moth), and that life is precious. I believe that humans (read Americans) have removed themselves from nature and thus are becoming more prone to the corruption that life away from the land seems to engender. (more details upon request). I believe that one day I will overcome my black thumb and actually have something to harvest.

I believe that whoever dies with the biggest stash wins (stash = piles and oodles of cross-stitch stuff). I believe that patience can create beauty.

Oh, and I believe in love.

4. What's one thing you haven't tried yet that you want to?

I would like to run my own business. I would probably sell soaps and bathroom supplies that I can make in my kitchen (after it has been cleaned). Or a coffee shop. I had a good idea for a coffee shop, but most of it I didn't write down and it is lost somewhere in my mind.

5. How do you feel you've changed the most in the last three years? Why?

I have become more calm and accepting. I no longer get really angry over every little thing, and when I do get angry I calm down a lot faster. I still hold grudges, but even those are starting to be a lot smaller. I don't know why these things have changed, but I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I am growing up.

oh, and for extra-credit:

6. Can you bring some spice cake to our next session? :)
(no, you don't have to, it just sounds really tasty.)

No, but I will bring another sweet (testing out new cookbooks) to game on Sunday.
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the name of dog: goreyenochs_fable on June 18th, 2003 08:58 am (UTC)
I'm confused. So she returned the files to you undone for you to do? Do you have an idea of what her workload from IT or anything else is? It's possible she's been given enough projects that she doesn't have time to take on filing - but I get the impression you believe this not to be the case?

The alternative is to mention to your boss that you've been getting filing returned to you, and since you don't want to overload the intern, ask if your boss knows what her workload is?

Feel free to expand on your ruminations on life and nature?
Qarylla Windragar: shinsengumiqarylla on June 18th, 2003 09:29 am (UTC)
Re: the intern

My boss has commented a number of times that she looks bored. I am sure that she doesn't have enough work to do, because I see her hanging around and chatting with people all the time.

Honestly, I wouldn't think much of it if I gave her the files and she ditched them (I have found unfinished/not started files all over the library since she started), but my boss (aka her boss) gave them to her. *shrug*

As for IT, we've been told that they don't have any more for her to do than we do upstairs. And well, we have things, but they are very dull and repetitive. I just think that she doesn't like it here. *sigh*
the name of dog: goreyenochs_fable on June 18th, 2003 10:59 am (UTC)
Have you mentioned the unfinished/not started files to your boss? Since she looks bored, it sounds like it may work better to set rough deadlines ("do you think you could get these done by X? thanks!") that way you have reason to follow up - if that is, your boss wants you to be essentially her supervisor. Otherwise, it's the bosses problem to take action if you point out that stuff's not getting done and it's clear she's not overworked.