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24 June 2003 @ 04:47 pm
Home at last  
I have just arrived home. Took my filing cabinet and put it in the inside door downstairs (it's going to take two people to lift it, unless I open it down there and bring up the components). The hanging files are upstairs (because they are light).

I have dropped off books to the BPL, paid fines, and checked out more books. Note: If anyone sees the 3-volume History of Japan set by George Bailey Sansom, I will quite happily pay for it. They only had the first two volumes sitting on the shelf at the BPL, and of course the information I want is in volume 3 (the volume that covers the Meiji era).

So, I have a book called Mibu Gishiden (spelling on the last definitely optional) in Japanese, two books by Paulo Coelho, Wolfskin by J. Mauriellier (spelling still optional), a book by Christopher Moore (short and in quite a different style than normal, very touching), and a biography of Gertrude Steinem. It is a rare day when I manage to leave with less than 10 books. Now I am going to go to my room where the two books that I was working on yesterday are sitting by the bed and have an attempt at the sleep that eluded me last night.

Heh. But I am surprisingly awake for no sleep in over 24 hours. Heh again.
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