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25 June 2003 @ 06:03 am
Thank you, meranthi, for installing the air con. I know we could have done it ourselves, but I was mostly spacy in the afternoon (probably too much sun on top of too little sleep) and wouldn't have been able to be quick and efficient about it.

So, last night, with the AC on medium cool, I could snuggle in my blanket without becoming too warm or sleep without the blanket without becoming too cool and managed to get over 6 hours of sleep. Now to see if I can manage that for more than one day.


My filing cabinet is downstairs. It is a thing in pieces (some assembly required), so I hope to do that today when I get home, so I can have some of the organization that I want to do done before game. Even more yeah!

(and gods, I was really productive yesterday. filed a reasonable amount, did shelving, had staff meeting, went to library/acquired library books, finished book, did more cross-stitch than god. Not bad at all.)
Feeling like: peacefulpeaceful
Listening to: traffic noise