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05 September 2002 @ 12:57 pm
When Computers Fail  
Well, it's not quite time for lunch (not that lunch is really an option), and we've all been asked to log out of the registration system. There is some error that IT needs to track down.

Computers. When they fail it is alternately amusing and maddening. When they fail during any crunch period, it goes beyond maddening to mind destroying (you see, just another form of maddening). We have students trying to add and drop classes (see, my temp assignments are mentally stimulating, difficult, and wondrous), some of which are willing to wait and others who left in a huff.

So, I am just sitting here filling in a journal entry with inconsequentialities. See the pretty word: inconsequentialities.

So, what is going on today? Email, internet, data entry, lots of books (I finished rereading Elvenbane this morning, and I am on Lady Knight). Nothing too hard there.

Well, maybe I should go back to work.

Shawna Lea