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30 June 2003 @ 01:01 pm
Cross-stitch check list  
I have over 9 projects currently going. They are:

  1. Heavenly Kiss: over 20 inches long

  2. Welcome: smallish, 4x8 inches

  3. Summer in my Garden: large, 14x20 inches

  4. Best Friends: small, 6x6 inches

  5. My Lady's Garden: huge, 20x20 inches

  6. Ophelia: huge, forever project, over 30x30 inches

  7. Queen Anne's Home: medium, 10x14 inches

  8. Spring Flower Sampler: small, 4x9 inches

  9. Gift 1: at least 10x10 inches

  10. Gift 2: Huge. Probably finish next year

(all sizes are approximate)

This is why my hobby is an addiction. I have more projects than anyone can reasonably expect to finish in a year. I add at least one new project a month (where new also includes things I started ages ago and am forcing myself to finish), but often two. I have already finished six items this year, some of which have already been given away. And to top it off, I am hoping to finish at least six more projects.

Yes, definitely an addiction.

Yet, as this is the cheapest addiction I have (ratio of cost per time spent), I will keep on doing it. Now, would anyone like to take some of these home (when finished)? Italicized items are claimed.
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