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14 July 2003 @ 12:44 pm
Almost free  
I am sitting here, organizing my files for tomorrow, a necessity as I will be a roaming (even with the decent number of things I see that are going to be checked in). The more organized it is, the less time I will spend wandering from one floor to the other.

I am going to the library today to drop off books that are due. I want to check out books, but in my brilliance this morning I managed to leave my card, as jigglius said, on top of my computer. I have books due tomorrow as well, but I will just renew those online.

I love the BPL.

As of yesterday evening, I have done 27 hours of stitching this month. *blink* It's only about two hours a day, but it feels like such a large number.

I want to go home, take a nap, work on My Lady's Garden, and maybe bop around in my 'garden.' I have some harvesting to do of tomatoes from my back porch, a few other things to snip and poke and prod at.
Feeling like: tiredtired