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22 August 2003 @ 11:51 am
Speed Shawna  
To the Speed Racer theme.

I file faster than a speeding librarian (umm, wait... might want to check that one), type faster than a syphilitic she cow (don't ask, don't tell), and I clean up the "issues" on my desk faster than, well, anything.

It is a Friday, which means much more mail than Thursday (mostly done), and a few filings (almost completely done).

Because it is the day before vacation, I am going to lawyer's offices with my problem children. The files that are not on shelf, or not properly checked out, or otherwise incomplete. I want my boss to come to my area on Monday or Tuesday when I am not here and not find something I have forgotten to check up on (aka, nothing before June). Ideally, I just want this past week's problems on my desk.

I am most of the way there already. Just need to keep motivated for maximum output.