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29 August 2003 @ 05:28 pm
Land of Sunshine  
This week has been quite a bit of excitement and a thankfully decent dose of boredom. (Boredom is good, because it means I am recharging).

I had a lot of fun early in the week. army brat, as jiggliusceasar calls him, was over and while we didn't have a lot in common, things were still fun. He had bought anime, which we watched. I want Chobits. I really want Chobits. It has standard drool worthy Clamp fu, but beyond that it is just a good time. The main male character is more than a trifle bit lame (country boy trying to get into Tokyo U - not too far from Love Hina conceptually in that regard). Country boy, Hideki, has a major problem with nosebleeds and fantasies.

They watched Alien Nine, which I saw about two part episodes (part of ep 1 and end of ep 4). I didn't have much of a problem with it. A lot of anime series have a standard whiny, crybaby character that eventually starts developing a backbone. It just normally takes about 8 episodes or so. Well, they were annoyed when she was still whiny and sobbing at the end of ep 4.

Sometime this weekend I made jigglius watch Sailor Moon R movie. He seemed to be not completely adverse to it. I didn't berate him for making fun of some of the scenes/characters, which I figured was a normal thing to do.

One of my library books was still missing (God Don't Like Ugly). I had returned it back in July. However, it was never checked back in, so one of the nicer librarians let me renew it despite their policy on renewing books more than twice (ain't gonna do it). So, I had to talk to one of the circ people. They put a simple code in, and the problem was at least temporarily solved. Now the book is on "Claimed Missing" and they will look for it. Only after they have looked for it and not found it will I have to pay for the missing book. That makes me feel much better. I also left the Japanese book at home, so I still need to return it tomorrow. Yummy. I got out Tithe by Holly Black, The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman, a few books on the Art of War by Sun Tzu for a character concept I will be playing by the end of September, and the Christmas Cookie Murder Mystery. Oh and another book, the Light Fantastic.

Library books are good. I need to return the library books I have finished and the one I forgot tomorrow. Then I can pick up the book I had requested (Jennifer Government). Oh, and there was an unforgettable experience with "Ninjas Don't Bake Pumpkin Pies." That is also requested. Hopefully it will come in soon.

The aquarium was terrific. I had a lot of fun going from exhibit to exhibit and generally acting like a kid. I could have gotten an individual membership when I was there (they allow you to put the price of the tickets towards getting a membership, so it would have been another 15$ to become a member).

I enjoyed myself a lot in part because it wasn't very crowded. Unfortunately, crowded even on a Wednesday is what the aquarium needs. I want to become a member, but unfortunately it doesn't necessarily make much sense to do so. I am only able to normally go on the weekends when it is really likely to be crowded. But the opportunity to go on specimen collections and things like that sounded like a good thing. We'll see.

So, Thursday we went to OOB to go to the beach. Technically we were in Ocean Park, which is much less crowded than the main beach near the Pier. I had a lot of fun in the sun and the water, which I swam in a number of times. Unfortunately, I got my yearly sunburn, which has left me a bit out of sorts today.

We went to Palace Playland where we walked around the park a number of times. We looked at the rides, which were a bit more than we wanted to pay for. There were a number of games of the "race pigs" sort, which we debated between. Eventually we picked the game with the best prize for two to three players. We drowned clowns with water guns. The person to get the balloon to pop first won. So, jigglius won and picked the prize (granted, I believe I made a comment about the 'horrid' coloring about the frog). Enter Glaucoma, the Love Frog. He is neon green, pink, and lavendar with a Mountain Dew colored belly. He has a long pink tongue and large plastic eyes. The eyes are standard cheap white eyes with the black painted on. They are already flaking off. Soon, he will be as blind as his name implies.

On our way home, we realized that we didn't have enough okane to get to through New Hampshire (it cost us 3.50 in tolls on the way in, and to leave Maine on the way home it took us 2.00), so we stopped at a Seven Eleven in Kittery to use the overpriced ATM (I can't seem to find my bank card *sigh* I had it at the Aquarium.) and to get home. Which we discovered didn't involve more tolls.

Today I got up at 5:30 and finished the rooster. Now I am working on the border. It wouldn't be so slow if I hadn't gone back to sleep at about 11 or noon. I am now finishing this and getting back to work on the rooster after a bit of a food/drink break.

Tomorrow I laze about and go to the library. Sunday I have game. Monday I redye my hair to something much more work appropriate. And then I try to get a new icon for my lj.

It is a nice soothing day to be at home not doing much. Tomorrow will be much the same. It is nice to have nothing important to do.
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the name of dogenochs_fable on August 30th, 2003 05:56 am (UTC)

Pullman is excellent, you will enjoy him. We must swap more books and recommendations. I've pondered the idea of some sort of book group.