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11 September 2003 @ 04:20 pm
On the sleep front  
So, I got home and for about 45 minutes I couldn't sleep so I finished a book and lay on my back waiting for inertia to overtake me.

Then I tried to fall asleep. I succeeded too, mostly. Maybe this is because I am actually sick, but I am answering the phone instead of screening the stupid calls in case one of the bosses calls.

I fielded a call from a Maureen (?) from Somerville Journal, a call that I don't recall at all, and the call that just woke me up a little past 1600 from AT&T. Now, I fielded the AT&T call yesterday along with a couple of others that were similarly annoying, but AT&T has to be the most annoying of the bunch. They think we are using Verizon. However, the phone and the cable modem are with Comcast, a decision they made for us. I was not terribly pleased.

I know I can just ignore the phone, but some strange part of me thinks I should be answering it. But only if I am really sick. :P
Feeling like: sleepysleepy