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22 September 2003 @ 11:11 am
The weekend of not doing what I had planned to do  
Is now officially over.

It started off OK. I had planned on doing Pirate-y things earlier in the week, so those plans went OK though a bit bumpy. But then Saturday arrived. I went to the library, check. I went to the store, check. I caught the bus to Harvard Square and got coffee, check. I avoided Pandemonium, check. I missed the earlier bus, but still arrived at game only a little late, check. Game was fun, check.

Then we went home. Naptime (became read time for me). Then I double checked the schedule at the Coolidge Corner Theater to see how much the tickets cost for Beyond Reanimator. And found out something a bit distressing. Despite the description of the movie saying it was playing September 19-20 and 26-27, it only played on Friday night. So, we ended up hanging out upstairs. I eventually went downstairs, ordered Chinese food, and played video games until the boys got back home.

Sunday arrived. I had good intentions of going to set build, which I knew I didn't want to go to by myself. So, I didn't go to set build. Then we thought about going to Christopher's for dinner. Yummy food. And I realized that my purse was missing. Not in its two normal locations (by the front door or next to/in backpack). So, I did the frantic worry dance for probably an hour, killed something (video games), and then decided to go to Harvard Square first (before going to Christophers).

We went to HS. I stopped in the bathroom - no purse. Then I went back upstairs to the Starbucks, first asking a passing security officer. No dice at either location. I went upstairs and bought a book while trying to be a little more calm about the purse. Even if the credit cards were used by someone else, I knew where and when my last purchase was with all of them, so I could protect myself (and they were all pretty close to the limit). So, we went to dinner and to the grocery store, and then I went home.

About 2100, the phone rang. The Starbucks. "Are you XX?" "What is this regarding?" "We have your purse." "Oh, thank goodness. When can I come pick it up?"

The end result was that I left the house at ~0624 this morning to pick it up, and I am now a happy camper again.

Life is good.
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